Diamond HRD 180000164016

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3.04 Round

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RAPAPORT (exc. VAT) 1 425 171 Kč

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Price (exc. VAT) 877 478 Kč

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Weight in carats: 3.04 Shape: Round
Color: I Clarity: VVS1
Cut grade: Very good Sizes v mm: 9.01x9.06x5.8
Symmetry: Very good Fluorescence: none
Polish: Excellent Price per carat (exc. VAT): 349 259 Kč
Certificate: HRD 180000164016 Price per carat (incl. VAT): 422 604 Kč
Shape: Round
Weight in carats: 3.04
Color: I
Clarity: VVS1
Cut grade: Very good
Symmetry: Very good
Polish: Excellent
Fluorescence: none
Sizes v mm: 9.01x9.06x5.8
Certificate: HRD 180000164016


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Slightly tinted. Set in the jewelry looks almost colorless. Excellent value/price ratio.

Cut grade

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These diamonds reflect most of the light that enters them, creating a good deal of brilliance. With these diamonds, the cutters have chosen to stray slightly from the preferred diamond proportions in order to create a larger diamond. In many cases, the parameters of these diamonds are very close to the premium ones.


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Very rare diamonds with no inclusions visible under 10x magnification, only small blemishes on the diamond surface. Diamonds of this category are the great choice for investing.