At TOP DIAMONDS, we specialize in the production and sale of the finest quality perfect diamond jewelry. We make all of our jewelry custom-made from 48 hours of order. With this strategy, we give every customer the opportunity to individualize his jewelry by choosing the right diamond! Thanks to our unparalleled offer of several thousand diamonds, you are never limited by a narrow selection of pre-selected variants. In addition, as early as 2011 we sell all of our jewelry and investment diamonds at the best prices in Central Europe. On the market, our quality is further distinguished - we are specializing in diamonds in 3x Excellent parameters, as we firmly believe that every customer deserves the best and his diamond must have the famous spark. Last but not least, this is the quality of the services that we base on TOP DIAMONDS, so we approach each request individually and with the utmost care.

We strive to offer our customers the kind of service we would like to see as buyers. That's why you have absolute freedom in our diamond selection on our site, thanks to the largest on-line offer in Central Europe, we do not limit you with a few diamonds of predominantly average parameters. We believe that with us everyone can choose diamond and jewelry that perfectly fits to them. Every customer and his requirements are unique, just like our diamonds and jewelry.

The headquarters of our company is in the center of Nový Jičín. If you are interested in a personal meeting, it is possible to do so after prior arrangement as all jewelery and investment diamonds are kept in the security seals of banks that are in the immediate vicinity of our residence. Quality, security and convenience is the added value you are automatically eligible for as our client. Always!

High quality

We do NOT offer junk treated diamonds and diamond imitations of poor value. We are ready to advise you on selecting a suitable diamond with respect to your goals and plans for the future.

Investment diamonds

We offer only diamonds certified by world laboratories GIA, HRD and IGI. Our database contains hundreds of thousands of diamonds, partly accessible online .

Good price

We believe that buying a diamond as a complement to the investment portfolio must be especially advantageous for the buyer. We do not have to pay rents on lucrative addresses, expensive showrooms and bombastic advertising.

Ring configurator

Try out our unique configurator of women's diamond rings and choose the most suitable combination. Alternatively, we are able to produce unique jewelry according to your requirements and designs.